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Building the Future Learning Function: 70:20:10 Focus Series

The key objective of this webinar was to explore how the learning function can and must change to help organisations adapt and perform by learning at the speed of business.

Topics explored in the session included:

  • The predictions for change, and what the future learning function might look like
  • Capabilities required in the future learning function
  • What are the implications for individual practitioners moving forward


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This webinar is a great primer to identy the capabiities that you and your L&D team should be building in order to make a greater strategic and operational contribution to your business. I participated in this webinar in real time in 2014, and have just reviewed it now (July 2015).  What rang true for me is that 18 months ago in my organisation (Coca-Cola Amatil) we were using 702010 to improve belnded learning but had not focussed on workplace learning.  By developing skills such as Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM), networking, content curation, community facilitation and performance support we've created new opportunities to contribute to organisational performance.  Performance Consulting has also been a valuable skill and mindset shift for us - moving from delivering training to collaborating to create broader solutions to improve performance.  I've started calling perfomance consulting conversations 'Performance Root Cause Analysis' within my organisation as this language aligns well with our continuous improvement processes and is one that my stakeholders respond well to.  It was good to consider where we've come from and affirm that there is much yet to do to continue building our skills and transforming our learning culture and practices.  I found the 'manifesto for the learning function' at the end of the webinar a handy primer - good adaptation of Clark Quinn's 'Revolutionalise L&D'.