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70:20:10 Framework Implementation Case Study Summary: Det Norske Veritas (DNV GL)

The following is a summary of a case study of DNV GL's 70:20:10 Journey so far .The 70:20:10 Forum’s global case studies provide a rich source of ideas and insights so pracitioners can learn from other, what works and doesn’t with successful 70:20:10 implementation. The full case study is available to Licenced Users via the 70:20:10 Forum online Community where practitiioners continue to network and learn with and from each other (ie. the ’20’).  

About DNV             

Established in 1864, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) provides world-leading and innovative advisory services to both businesses and authorities in the maritime, oil & gas and energy sectors. In September 2013 DNV merged with Germanischer L’loyds. The new company employs over 16,000 people across 300 offices in 100 countries.

In 2010 Kim Rolfsen, Director of Operations, Competence and Learning, developed plans to meet DNV GL’s desire to consolidate all its learning functions after previous unsuccessful approaches - a sustainable model was required for change to be effective.

A year later Rolfsen attended Elliott Masie’s Learning 2011 event in Orlando, Florida where he heard about the 70:20:10 model for the first time.  He decided it would help deliver sustainability and meet DNV GL’s needs.

Journey of 70:20:10 at DNV GL

At the development stage, stakeholder buy-in was crucial. With the backing of the Internal Communications Director, Rolfsen was able to plan for the 70:20:10 message to be incorporated into internal communications related to learning goals for employee performance standards. New and existing support materials were used to illustrate typical ‘70’ and ‘20’ activities in DNV GL context.

DNV GL successfully piloted 70:20:10 initiatives, the largest of which is a line manager and employee development program in Korea. Taking on a top-down, bottom-up approach, DNV GL identified that as important as it was for managers to change behaviours, employee perspectives were also critical.  The next stage will involve broader implementation across the organisation. 

Assistance from the Forum and other Forum Licenced Practitioners

The DNV GL team want to develop a consultancy approach and are seeking resources to help them to present and position the 70:20:10 framework to the broader organisation.   There are resources in the Forum that will help with this, including:

Rolfsen comments:

“It’s a change of mind-set and it’s about working with our employees in a different way and investing in them.  Then we start to see the fruits of the work.”


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