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Article: Supporting Self-Managed Team Learning (Jane Hart)

Learning in the social workplace

In this important blog post, Jane Hart explores the role of L&D in supporting self-managed team learning. The approach is challenging for L&D as it requires them to move away from formal development, focusing specifically on helping the team to organise and manage their own initiatives.

This and related blogs explore the social workplace and how we can partner with work teams to harness the natural connections that exist between people, and support them to share their knowledge, experiences, ideas and resources as part of their daily workflow.

Read: Supporting self-managed team learning in the organisation​
Author: Jane Hart, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies
Learn more: Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

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Individual learning in organizations is irrelevant, as work is almost never done by one person alone. Knowledge, as Peter Senge has noted, is the capacity for effective action (know how) and it is the only aspect of knowledge that really matters in organizations. Value is initially created by teams but this type of knowledge comes and goes. Organizational learning really spreads through social networks.