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Article: The Challenge & Opportunity of Overqualified Employees (Aleksandra Luksyte)

In this article, Aleksandra Luksyte explores some of the challenges and opportunities associated with overqualified workers. You might use this article to promote discussion between HR, people managers or your executive.

  • Is our talent management process recognising the potential of overqualified workers, or classifying them as difficult or underperforming?
  • Are there opportunities to better understand and the expectations of overqualified employees and align these with business needs?
  • What opportunities do we have to leverage the expertise of overqualified employees in support of key projects and in response to current challenges?
  • How might we utilise stretch assignments, secondments, job rotations etc. to capitalise on the potential of these employees, whilst ensuring deliverables from their current roles are sustained?
  • Are there other opportunities to engage and retain these important employees?
  • How might we adapt our employee value proposition to attract overqualified employees to our workforce?
  • What barriers may prevent people managers from effectively leading and managing overqualified employees? What support do people managers need to perform their role?

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Author: Aleksandra Luksyte, Assistant Professor, The University of Western Australia Business School

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