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Article: The Workplace Learning Revolution eBook (Jane Hart)

This free mini-ebook from Jane Hart (available to download) shows how the Internet has dramatically changed the way we live, and is now changing the way we learn.   It explores how organisations can support these new ways of learning in the workplace.

As more and more individuals and teams are bypassing L&D departments and addressing their own learning and performance needs by sourcing tools and solutions in powerful new ways, training departments need to re-think their role and approach in the organisation. It's not going to be about adding on "informal" or "social" or "mobile" into current e-learning approaches, but fundamentally changing the type of services the L&D department provides.

This means moving from a focus on organising and managing training to working in close partnership with people managers to enable and support the continuous development and performance improvement of their people through both team collaboration and independent professional learning, as well as helping to address specific performance problems in the most appropriate way.

Broadening the scope of the L&D function in this way will also help ensure its survival, as training is increasingly outsourced - although it will need to shake off a lot of its traditional thinking, in order to do so. But as there are no "one-size-fits-all" or "cookie-cutter" solutions, every organisation is different, the purpose of this e-book is to provide some ideas and suggestions for ways to deal with the challenging and changing situation in your own organisation.

Download: The Workplace Learning Revolution eBook
Author: Jane Hart, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies
Learn more: Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

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Yes!  This provides some great concrete ideas and tools for partnering with the business areas, moving from 'courses to resources' and from 'events to activities'.