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Article: 50 Suggestions for Implementing 70:20:10 (Jay Cross)

In this detailed series of blog posts, Jay Cross provides a rich and detailed overview of the 70:20:10 Framework and considerations for implementation.

In addition to posts on each of experiential, social and formal development, Jay offers valuable guidance for managers who want to make learning from experience and conversation more effective. Jay explores the challenges of positioning the framework to executives, of adapting the role of people managers and of refocusing L&D to support a more systematic and enlightened approach.

Read: Internet Time Blog - 50 Suggestions for implementing 70:20:10  
Author: Jay Cross 

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Jay makes the important point in Post 5 that 70:20:10 depends on L&D teaming up with managers, but that managers often don't understand how vitally important they are in developing their people. despite this, it';s an absolute must-do for success.

There's some excellent research resources, tools and activities in the Toolkit that will help you address this challenge, including ready-to-go workshops that I use in my consulting work. The links below point to a few of them:

Research: Driving Results Through Employee Development - The Manager Role (Explore and Implement Members)

Activity: Workshop on Line Manager Role in Structured Training (Implement Members only)

Activity: Highlighting Manager-Led Actions That Improve Employee Performance (Explore and Implement Members)

Activity: Manager Support - The 505 Coaching Tool (Implement Members only)