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Discussion: Explaining the 'Adding-Embedding-Extracting' Model

During our recent webinar Charles was asked to explain the Adding-Embedding-Extracting model of workplace learning.

When we focus on learning in the workplace (or, more specifically, in the workflow) there are, essentially, three main approaches:

ADDING LEARNING TO WORK – this is when we ‘design in’ activities to the workflow that are specifically for learning.

EMBEDDING LEARNING IN WORK – this focuses on supporting performance at the ‘point of need’. This is where we provide he tools and support to help workers do their work and learn as part of the workflow.

EXTRACTING LEARNING FROM WORK – this is a new area for most learning professionals – this is where we need to think about the best ways to SUPPORT (rather than manage) the learning that emerges from the workflow.

Each of these re-focuses from ‘learning’ being the outcome to ‘improved performance’ being the outcome.

The result is that we are able to exploit many, many more opportunities for development than we did previously.

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