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Discussion: How can I position senior executives as actively involved sponsors in my 70:20:10 implementation?

This question was raised during our recent webinar.

The best way to do this is through establishing some form a governance council or board.

This needs to be led and directed by senior leaders (rather than by HR and Learning & Development leaders). The role of a learning governance structure is to sign-off the strategy and agree priorities for the implementation. Of course the governance process needs to be designed not to be onerous for senior executives – a 1-2 hour decision-focused board meeting every quarter works well.

A well-structure governance board will position senior stakeholders and sponsors to play an active role in your 70:20:10 implementation.

The Forum Toolkit* contains an activity to support you in establishing a learning governance board.

Link to Activity: Toolkit for Establishing a Learning Governance Board 
(*Access: Implement Members)

This toolkit contains:

  • Learning Governance Maturity Checklist
  • Downloadable Template for Terms of Reference

As well as advice on the options and considerations you should take into account when you are planning your 70:20:10 learning governance structure.

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 Given the very busy world of work, especially for senior executive, we found it a challenge to formally set up a governance board. However, we have been able to gain this support more informally. Through finding a way to incorporate 702010 into the conversation with Executive at every opportuinity, we have been able to gain high level support across the organisation. The other important factor was to create a capability Development template that includes 70:20:10 as headings for learning options.