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Discussion: How can I prepare my organisation for 70:20:10?

This question was raised during our recent webinar.

70:20:10 provides a totally new approach to learning and development for many organisations. However, it needs to be approached in the same way you would approach any major change initiative.

The first steps include educating and engaging senior leaders and identifing those who will be your effective ‘champions’. You will also need to communicate the value of the 70:20:10 framework across other groups in your organisation.

The Forum Toolkit contains a structured activity* that can be used alongside our publication '70:20:10 Framework Explained' to communicate the benefits of the framework to other stakeholders.

Link to Activity: Facilitation Toolkit to Communicate the 70:20:10 Framework Across the Organisation.
*Access: Explore & Implement Members

The Facilitation Toolkit includes:

  • A Session plan – designed to guide you in leading an initial discussion with your key stakeholders to help raise awareness of the need for 70:20:10 in your organisation  
  • Abstracts for the ‘70:20:10 Framework Explained’ publication targeted at three specific audiences:
    • Senior Business Leaders
    • Chief Learning Officers
    • Learning and Development Practitioners
  • A Summary Presentation – a customisable slide deck and facilitator notes with content from the ‘70:20:10 Framework Explained’ publication for presenting a summary of 70:20:10 concepts and the case for implementation within your organisation.

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