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Discussion: How can you encourage and exploit the ‘70’ – experiential learning?

This question was raised during our recent webinar.

The ‘70’ offers the opportunity to use a wide range of approaches, tools and techniques to support learning and development in the workflow. Most of these need to be driven and supported by line managers, although HR and learning and development certainly have a part to play in ‘pump-priming’ and facilitating action.

A few examples of ‘70’ activies are:

  • Expanding the scope of work by getting employees to take on new responsibilities such as substituting for a manager in meetings
  • Learning through solving real problems and providing time for reflective practice to share learning with colleagues
  • Working with an acknowledged expert for a week. For instance sharing client meetings with a skilled negotiator

Your organisation needs to have systems and processes in place to allow 70 learning such as this to happen, and to encourage managers to make it happen.

HR and Learning professionals can encourage and support the ‘70’ experiential learning in many ways.

Tools and resources in the Forum Toolkit* to support the ‘70’ and also help managers to play their part include:

Link to Activity: 'Developing Others' Capability Action Plan 
(*Access: Implement Members)

This guidance and checklist will help you scope the requirements for effective solutions for leader-led development (to help managers become more effective at developing their teams). It will also help focus on individual needs for peer development. It contains guidance for carrying out the review, including the 'Manager Performance' model

Link to Video: Principles of Learning from Experience 
(*Access: Explore and Implement Members)
This video interview with Morgan McCall, one of the originators of the 70:20:10 model, addresses some key principles of learning from experience:

  • A specific reason or context for undertaking the experience;
  • Being placed in the situation or provided opportunities to experience;
  • Supported to face challenges, to overcome obstacles, to build confidence and to improve performance.

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