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Discussion: What can we do to support HR Business Partners and business managers to understand the options offered by 70:20:10?

This question was raised during our recent webinar.

Many HR Business Partners and business managers have reached their current roles and positions with the understanding that ‘learning and development’ in their organisation:

  • Only happens in classrooms, courses or, more recently, through eLearning
  • Only comes about through planned activities, often agreed as part of the annual objctive setting and development planning cycle (where the only development opportunities discussed are courses and progrsammes)
  • Is the sole responsbility of the training or learning and development department

Although this is quite understandable, you will need to focus your change management efforts on working with both HRBPs and business managers to help them appreciate both the options and benefits offered by the 70:20:10 approach.

The Forum Toolkit* contains some resources to help you engage and inform these groups.

Link to Article: The Benefits of 70:20:10 
(*Access: Free, Explore & Implement Members)

You can use this article as a resource to create a customised list of benefits for your organisation that can be achieved with the 70:20:10 Framework.  Aspects such as creating a high performance culture; improving speed to productivity; increasing organisational agility and resilience; increasing employee engagement; and increasing the efficiency of learning all contribute towards informing and educating your stakeholders.

Link to Article: Checklist & Mitigation Guide to Overcome 70:20:10 Implementation Obstacles 
(*Access: Implement Members)

This will help facilitate discussion in the early stages of the planning cycle and ensure you define and agree a set of specific mitigation actions to address each set of ‘no’ responses in the checklist.

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