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Discussion: What is the connection between 70:20:10 and innovation goals? Is there one?

This question was raised during our recent webinar.

Peter Drucker, the great management thinker and writer said this about innovation goals:

“The innovation objective is the objective through which a company makes operational its definition of ‘what our business should be'.”

Drucker goes on to say:

“There are essentially three kinds of innovation in every business: innovation in products or service; innovation in the marketplace and consumer behavior and values; and innovation in the various skills and activities needed to make the products and services and to bring them to market. They might be called respectively product innovation, social innovation, and managerial innovation.”

70:20:10 links closely to each of these. 

There is a clear connection between the 70:20:10 objective of ‘linking learning with work’, especially in the ‘70’ and ‘20’ parts of the framework, and the managerial and social innovation Drucker talks about.

The focus of 70:20:10 on learning at the speed of business also links closely to Drucker’s first type of innovation: that is innovation in products or service.

The following resources* in the Forum address the issue of innovation in learning:

Link to Research: The Strategic Value of Learning 
(*Access: Explore and Implement Members)

The study contains valuable insights for anyone planning to implement a new learning strategy based on 70:20:10 principles as it identifies some very important elements and variations in the expectations of the CxO population (the ‘C-Suite’) and the priorities of many learning leaders. It contrasts the expectations of the C-suite - based on HR and Learning professionals supporting not only existing demands, but also emerging demands.

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