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North Coast TAFE's Team Certification - Members Working Out Loud

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The Organisational Development team from North Coast TAFE share their 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification experience in this on-demand 45 minute webinar, and detail how they used Certification to:

  • Create a behavioural shift in their team's mindset, capabilities and approach to learning and development  
  • Engage their key stakeholders and work as a team using their Certification pathway as a catalyst for change and support structure to improve the outcomes of their work
  • Develop their 70:20:10 strategy to drive a culture of continuous learning across the organisation
  • Embed ‘70’ and ‘20’ activities into their Capability Development System
  • Respond to the changing business environment of the vocational education and training sector
  • Support the development and implementation of their Critical Capabilities and Employee Lifecycle project
  • Be more visible and valued as business partners and agents of change within this public sector agency

As a follow up to the webinar the North Coast TAFE Organisational Development team delivered on 11 June, 2015, please see attachments at the top of the post as requested by participants of the webinar.

To find out more about how 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification can skill and equip your team to implement 70:20:10, please book a call with us. 

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Thank you to the team at North Coast TAFE. Unfortunately I was travelling and missed the live webinar. So it was great to receive the link and be able to watch it at a later time. Very inspiring 😊

I have also been part of the Organisational Development team undertaking Certification at North Coast TAFE over the last 12 months and I wanted to share an example of 702010 in action with you.

I manage a Leadership & Management Initiative (LMI) each year with around 30 participants in the cohort. Over the last 3 years, I have been embedding the 702010 principles in program. The aim of the program is to develop leadership capabilities in staff which align to our Charter and the needs of the business. After applicants are competitively selected, they undergo a 360 feedback process, engage in personality typing with follow-up and attend a series of experiential workshops which are based on the key themes identified for the whole cohort in the 360 feedback process.

I then set up 1:1 interviews with each participant to identify leadership capability development needs in an Action Plan, using the 702010 principles, whilst ensuring that the Action plan is consistent with their usual Performance Development Plan (PDP) associated with their role in North Coast TAFE the PDP is aligned to the NSW Public Service Capability Framework and is created in consultation with their line manager, both based on the 702010 principles. I support and review the participant’s progress regularly and modify their action plans as needed.

Participants identify opportunities to learn and develop through new experiences (70) that will enable them to expand the scope of the work and enable them to develop broader networks. They may engage in real problem solving or take on a new responsibility in a higher level role. Each participant also has one or more buddies to meet regularly with. The content and focus of these meetings are determined by the participants themselves.  

Many participants engage in coaching sessions with an external coach, mentoring using an internal colleague or a shadowing opportunity. These structured approaches (20), expose participants to new ways of learning to develop leadership capability. Their line manager is also part of this activity at key points to ensure it is consistent with their role and to support their learning.

A few participants will also choose to support their leadership capability development through a structured course or workshop (10). When this does occur, participants will share their experience and key learning with others, usually during one of the regular workshops when the whole group meet and work together.

Participants are expected to be proactive and accountable for the learning that they engage in through

  •  applying learning to tangible business outcomes for NC TAFE

  • demonstrating how their work is contributing to our  whole of organisation KPIs

  • taking ownership for and positively influencing others in understanding and working towards our business goals

  • finding ways to ‘stretch’ the learning potential gained through experiences in the workplace

    Feedback from participants and line managers suggests that this style of capability development is highly successful. About half of the participants go on to leadership roles at North Coast TAFE. Our Executive have commented that LMI is a ‘recognisable brand’ within North Coast TAFE. This is not only a rewarding process for individuals but makes a substantial contribution to the development of current and future leaders at North Coast TAFE.


702010 forum event

Please access the Working Out Loud webinar on the 702010 Forum site as the Organisation Development Team Certification background and description of NC TAFE implementation.

Our final case study with the Certification Team is another Working Out Loud presentation which will give you an overview of our ongoing work with measurements, our next steps and our evaluation. We recorded our Case Study in Google Live and can be found on You Tube: