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Sharing reflections & priority actions from the Australian & NZ '70:20:10 Action Workshop Series'

We invite those who recently attended the Australian & New Zealand '70:20:10 Action Workshop Series' to share:

1. What were your key take-aways / reflections / learnings from the workshop you attended?

2. What are your priority actions that you'll focus on over the next three months?

Reflection and sharing are two of the fundamental elements in the 70:20:10 approach.  

Thanks to the success of this series of events and interest shown from organiations across the world, we now offer opportunities to engage with your HR, L&D, senior executives and line leaders directly through our Global 70:20:10 Action Workshops

If you wish to know more about creating your own event and engaging Charles Jennings for your organisation to work directly with your team, please contact Heather Rutherford on +613 9895 0785 or via email

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I attended the forum in Melbourne yesterday and left with lots to think about. It was great being able to interact with Twitter and talking about learning becoming social before and after the event - that for me was the key. Face to face is valuable and should be a deep dive but the core learning needs to happen before the event and consolidation is after. line leader participation is an imperative and all need to be onbard.

Be brief, be brilliant, be gone,. leave your mark is embedded in my mind also - in fact i tweeted it and am about to share with my team!!

Looking forward to the evaluation webinar this afternoon. So much more to learn, see, do and think about.

Thanks Andrew, Heather (and the girls from Blended so welcoming), Charles and everyone who shared their thoughts.

I attended the forum in Brisbane about 4 weeks ago and since then have started applying the principles of 70:20:10 to my work - mostly organisation-wide initiatives. The forum has given me the tools and knowledge to share with my organisation and discuss with my team, peers and executives. I have also realised that I need to modernise greater participation in social professional networks through mediums such as Twitter and LinkedIn. I am also very interested in Yammer and would like to explore its use at Clough.

From here, I will be:

1. Developing a learning strategy for Clough in consultation with my manager and other learning leaders we already have in the business,

2. Build knowledge of 70:20:10 through some education and application to current work, and

3. Work with my manager (Executive for HR&OD) to develop Clough's own version of a Learning Governance Board (probably won't call it this) to see 70:20:10 operationalised through the business.

I look forward to connecting through this community and will keep you posted regarding my work and would welcome feedback and advice along the way.


I attended the Brisbane workshop a few weeks ago and found it both enjoyable and insightful. One of the key things that I took away was the use of social media in particular Twitter for networking / information purposes, not just useless information updates! Another insight which I took back to my team was how effective are we at measuring the output? We run reports on how many we workshops we run and how many people attended but not on their actions following the training. At Lion we already have some great initiatives in place however this workshop gave me some great ideas on how to further implement 70:20:10 into our existing processes and challenge our thinking on others.

After attending the two webinars and the Sydney forum I am excited about sharing the learning across my organisation ( North Coast TAFE) and across TAFE NSW. The timing and content were particularly relevant as all NSW government agencies are required to role out the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework; this is underpinned by the 70:20:10 model.  With all the changes around us, the 70:20:10 series arrived at the perfect time.

I found the introductory webinar followed by the F2F workshop and then the reflection webinar an excellent structure and am keen for more. I find I am learning from everyone and really value the openess and willingness of the community members to share.

Thanks, Viv Dale

TAFE NSW North Coast

Not sure where to start as there were so many. What I've realised through attending the workshop is that even though we've promoted the 70:20:10 framework within our organisation this year and somewhat provided some tools to reinforce its application, we really need to go back to the drawing board. I feel like we started in the middle by jumping straight into piloting and implementing without doing enough ground work to support the 70:20:10 framework becoming part of our culture and the new way of learning for the future.  I will be really focusing on developing our learning strategy, learning principles, establishing a governance board and getting the executive engagement up front in the next few months.  After that my focus will be on developing a plan/strategy on leadership capability and accountability in this space before "relaunching" with the aim of embedding this into the organisation in a more robust fashion. Sounds like there's a bit of work ahead of me!

I see enormous opportunities to change the way our organisation develops people through the 10 point approach I have learnt through this forum and the workshop.


I participated in the Action Workshop last year in Wellington, and really enjoyed it.  The 70:20:10 approach has been around for a long time now and I am yet to see an organisation truly nail it, but we have come a long way.  Andrew is a brilliant facilitator and thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed his passion for the topic and organisational learning as a whole - very useful and helpful.

I attended the workshop in Sydney, along with members of my team.  I found the program really beneficial for bringing my team along on the 702010 journey.  I felt like a real advocate for blended learning and I wanted my team to really understand why I find it a sustainable learning approach.  My team really enjoyed it.  Since then we have attended the webinars, reflected on our key insights from the workshop and webinars, and now we are building these insights into our learning strategies.  We continue to attend the events held by the forum, use the tools on the forum and use the insights to support workplace learning across Lion.  Moving forward I would love to see more case studies on organisations who have implemented 702010 programs or alternatively keen for Lion to be a case study for the forum.  Thanks Heather, Andrew and Charles.

I found the day very engaging.  The forum has concisely packaged a broad range of concise and relevant L&D tools into an accesible suite.

I've been using the ideas from the day and toolkit steadily since - to develop my L&D team, improve the content we create and to inform long-term L&D strategy

Over the next three months we're focussed on learning development and deployment (it never stops), working alongisde one of our retail brands to improve leadership and the customer experience, exploring national qulaifications for our people and influencing organisation-wide learning strategy

I attended the forum in Melbourne and my key takeaways (which there were many)  that I reflected on was we need to start thinking about what is the  impact "the performance improvements' we want to see and how can we measure this to show there is value in creating an environment for consistent, effective and efficient learning (the input) to occur in the workplace, when and where it is needed which will result in increased performance (the output). The importance of partnering with our line leaders in this is imperative for me. 

I really like the simplicity of the cycle of Performance Improvements that Andrew shared and I believe this gives me a more holistic platform to work with:

Experiences that develop
Opportunities to practice
Rich conversations and sharing and ;
Time to reflect.

Thanks Andrew, Heather and the virtual session with Charles who joined us from his timezone of midnight;  there are so many takeaways for me from this workshop.

PS.................. I have just recently launched our new LMS - The Knowledge Hub - which is very focused on supporting the collaboration space-continuing the conversation from a learning perspective post events and online modules, thist allows participants to connect, reflect and share their experiences with others as part of the journey and also gives us the opportunity to capture this knowledge.  I have found using the 3Ps - Practice, People and Programs (rather than 70/20/10 resonates more with our employees - especially in a NO budget environment)

The forum for me provided an opportunity for reflection and review.

Sharing and hearing about others progress and experiences as well as the insights provided by Andrew and Charles was a great way to develop my thinking further on where we are and where we need to be. Discussions and content around measuring the impact were of particular interest to me as this is an area of focus for us as an organisation  and also just to have the an opportunity away form the day to day operations of work to do some more indepth thinking about where to next was really valuable.

Thanks to the great coordination of the workshop from the blended team and the advice and guidance provided by Andrew and Charles.

I attended the 70:20:10 Action Workshop in Sydney and found discussion with other learning and organisation development professionals from different organisations valuable, particularly those discussions related to shifting an organisation's mindset from focusing on stand alone, traditional learning events to one where indiviudal accountability for driving ones own continuous learning on-the-job through personal and professional networks takes centre stage. It was also good to have a different perspective on the approach to resolving some of the issues and challenges created by shifting mindset and reshaping the approach to continuous professional development. Thank you to Andrew, Heather and Blended for providing this opportunity and a special thanks to Charles Jennings for speaking to the group from his hotel in London in the very early hours.

My team hosted a workshop in Canberra, with participants from Canberra Institute of Technology, Department of Defence, IP Australia and a NSW Council.

It was a good opportunity to get everyone on the same page, and some practical insights and sharing occurred.

We have subsequently been preparing a Learning Strategy document, adding information about 70:20:10 to the intranet, revamping learning background materials/policies on our intranet, introducing an online learning library for staff to support the 70, ensuring a strong linkage is in place between 70:20:10 and the new performance sysem we are introducing (Tim Baker's 5 conversations model) etc

Since attending the workshop in Canberra I have been able to put into practice some of the tools already along with the principles. We are about to roll out some advanced supervisor training that has the 70:20:10 tool to support line-leader buy-in. This training is expected to support supervisors help prepare staff to draft their development this space.

Thanks everyone for the feedback - please keep it coming.

It's good to read all your comments - they help us think and plan improvements and get a better understanding of how you're going to put some of the outputs into action.


Thanks to Charles and Andrew for an informative and stimulating workshop at Challenger Institute for WA participants. Highlights included:

"Learning strategy is fundamentally about resources and requires visioning and executing under a governance framework"


High performance

  • 20% lack of knowledge and skills (requires the 10)
  • 80% lack of motivation and problem working with the environment


Line Leaders

  • The frozen middle crucial role 
  • Employees cannot perform better than the quality of management provided to them
  • Line leaders job to remove blocker
  • Activity recognizing the impact of leader led development
  • Corporate leadership council
  • Focus on personality more forward-looking than performance


Three elements workplace learning

  • Adding
  • Embedding
  • Extracting


Effectiveness versus Efficiencies

  • Stakeholder metrics
  • Ultimate success is determined by the stakeholder
  • Land D centric metrics
  • Stakeholder metric section template
  • Measurement principles
  • Align it with the consultancy model
  • Transition to outputs and value chain for ROI
  • Proactive stakeholder engagement
  • We can calculate the cost but only the client can calculate the value

"Be brief be brilliant be gone and leave your mark"