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70:20:10 Forum on Strategy Development

One of the biggest challenges for practitioners looking to commence their 70:20:10 strategy development is where to start.

In this (56 mins) webinar Charles explains the elements needed to develop a comprehensive 70:20:10 strategy, together with practical examples. 

For the 70:20:10 framework to be successfully embedded in organisational culture, it must be underpinned by a robust and practical strategy - whether you're starting with a business case, a proof-of-concept, a pilot or a broader strategy. This includes gaining agreement on the vision and required outcomes, defining the approaches, governance and policies, establishing the business case, through to communications and financial planning.  In this webinar, you will receive advice on a range of approaches to strategy development, highlighting potential challenges, considerations and tips.  Charles also shares information about practical 70:20:10 Forum tools available to help you develop your strategy and bring it to life!  For further help, refer to posts within the Forum's toolkit and community tagged as 'strategy'.

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I really enjoyed this webinar, particularly the discussion around governance.  A lot of the resources in the toolkit focuses on governance at a organisational level (eg focussing on the governance board). This is one of the few tools that I could find that described how to translate governance to business unit and project levels.

The workplace solution I am developing has the potential for making significant impact across the business, and therefore carries a high level of risk.  Building stronger governance at project level will improve the success of my project, which will flow on to improved performance outcomes for the business. This webinar has definitely sparked some ideas for me on how to build stronger governance around my project and the learning solution I am implementing.