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Workplace Learning Through Practical Reflection: 70:20:10 Focus Series

This webinar (45:49min) and written summary explores practical approaches to utilising reflective practice as a tool for supporting improved performance.

Reflective practice is an important enabler of continuous learning and performance improvement, yet the speed of business and the constant pressure to move from one task or project to the next mean opportunities to reflect are often missed and undervalued.

This webinar explored the notion of 'extracting' learning from work as an important tool for improving performance. The session objectives were to:

  • Discuss how the outcomes of reflective practice can be used as a guide to creating practical solutions and measuring business impact
  • Discuss some of the requirements for enabling reflection in support of a continuous learning culture.
  • Explore opportunities for workers to narrate and share their work by Working Out Loud
  • Explore practical reflection at:
    • Individual
    • Team
    • Process, and
    • Organisational Levels.
  • Use 70:20:10 Forum resources to support your approach.

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Come back and share

How is reflective practice being used in your organisation and how is it aligned with business needs? Is reflection only used within learning programs or is it also embedded in work practice? How are you capturing the impact of reflection on improved performance?  What language are you using to get buy-in and support and to overcome negative perceptions associated with reflection?

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Reflection is the most important part of the learning process, especially at work where we are constantly in a learning environment. I tend to think of reflection as reading a book or watching a film for the second and third time. Basically re-visiting on what you have learned / watched already, and you tend to pick out ‘ah ha’ moments! Reflection increases the quality of learning by re-teaching yourself on what you have learned.

This tends to get missed in our Systems Certification Program and the majority of the participants don’t get to go through this process. We are coaching our maintenance managers to use reflection during their one on ones with their team members, to engage the team members in their learning experiences to see what they got out of the learnings and potentially teach the manager on the new skill.

We have also recently finished a Working Out Loud group at work which included 5 team members from 4 different departments. Individual reflection practices each week got better and better and it was interesting to see certain individuals that were never exposed to working out loud by week 3 they got huge value out of sharing their goals and learnings.

By the end of week 12, the team members who have never worked out loud got the most value out of the program and finished their goal. The reflection process however could have not happened without proper guidance and support from the group.