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70:20:10 Organisational Readiness Assessment & Action Plan

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The Organisational Readiness Assessment & Action Plan is a workshop activity that will help you identify challenges and considerations for the implementation of 70:20:10 within your organisation.  It will also provide a process for you to brainstorm and develop an initial plan of action, including defining the initial focus and risk mitigation areas for further work.

For some organisations the adoption and implementation of a strategy or specific activities based around 70:20:10 principles presents a significant leap from existing practices.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Help you identify your organisation’s readiness to implement a 70:20:10 strategy or set of activities based on 70:20:10;
  • Identify any work that needs to be carried out prior to implementation planning (i.e. business case development or strategic planning).

Considerations and Resources for conduct of the Workshop

This workshop activity can be carried out as part of an on-going HR/learning leadership strategy planning cycle, or as part of a project process where you have a team with specific responsibility for reviewing the 70:20:10 framework’s suitability for your organisation.

It is helpful if decision-makers are involved in the workshop.  If that is not possible, then they should be briefed beforehand that they will be asked to review and comment on the outputs.

The activity is best carried out in an interactive workshop format using audit, review and discussion and action planning.


2-3 hours

Guidance for the Workshop

This is a team activity.  It requires a lead person to manage the process, collect and collate the data and produce a report of outcomes and recommendations.


  • Prepare a copy of the template for all participants.
  • Provide at least 2 flipcharts and enough sticky notes so each participant has at least one pack with felt-tip pen (to ensure notes can be seen when posted) to record comments, ideas and proposed actions.

Initial Set-up

As a group:

  • Confirm the timeframe, expectations and the plan for the workshop.
  • Create and reinforce the safe environment required to critically review the readiness – without value-laden comments or opinions.
  • Position the workshop as an initial step in a wider process.
  • Balance the needs of the ‘quick’ assessment versus deeper analysis that might be flagged as a follow-up task.
  • Ensure any specific recommendations or actions are documented, circulated as necessary and incorporated into future plans.


The workshop uses a performance consulting approach with the following steps:

  • First agree the SCOPE of the readiness assessment by answering the following question. Will your assessment apply to:
    • The entire organisation
    • Specific functional units
    • Specific regional units
    • Some other segmentation
  • Document WHICH GROUPS ARE IN SCOPE and which are OUT OF SCOPE
  • Spend the majority of the time (at least 75 minutes if you have allocated 2 hours, or 140 minutes if you have allocated 3 hours) working through the Focus Areas in the READINESS ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE. Discuss and document the CURRENT STATE, the REQUIREMENTS identified for a successful 70:20:10 implementation, and your RECOMMENDED ACTIONS
  • Once these steps have been completed, allow at least 30 minutes to produce a list of NEXT STEPS and an ACTION PLAN (see the downloadable template below this post).

Explore Further

A number of free and member only resources can be accessed via the Forum’s Toolkit to prepare for the assessment or explore issues raised further. Consider the below as a starting point:


Have you conducted the Organisational Readiness Assessment? What issues were raised and what actions have you proposed/taken as a result of the workshop/assessment? What advice do you have for others undertaking this activity? Why not share your reflections, questions and experiences with our community. 

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