70:20:10 Forum helps you celebrate Working Out Loud Week

International Working Out Loud Week #wolweek is a movement to promote awareness and the practice of working out loud and is being held between 17th - 24th November. Working Out Loud captures the behaviours of someone who is both narrating their work and making their work visible.  John Stepper best describes this through his five elements of Working Out Loud.

To celebrate International Working Out Loud week, the 70:20:10 Forum held a Working Out Loud webinar hosted by Challenger Institute of Technology, and we've also made available, for this week only, our three Working Out Loud recorded webinars which are usually only available to our members.

The 70:20:10 Forum runs regular Working Out Loud events, hosted by our Member organisations, which provide an opportunity to join with 70:20:10 practitioners to explore, share and discuss real 70:20:10 solutions presented by those who develop and implement them.

Anyone can attend our Working Out Loud events which we later record and include in our member's only toolkit.

Working Out Loud Event

On Wednesday, we held a Working Out Loud Webinar with Challenger Institute of Technology, 'Implementing 70:20:10 using the 10 Point Approach'. 

It is available for viewing throughout Working Out Loud week and can be accessed here.

About the Webinar

In late 2013, the Challenger Institute of Technology committed to growing the collective capability of its people by developing a culture of learning and innovation.  They share their process, the challenges and the journey from a State Training Provider‘s perspective in this free Working Out Loud event.

Working Out Loud Webinars Recordings - available for free viewing for this week only

Training with No Content - The Warehouse - Retail

Experiential Social Learning Development Guides used by managers on the job  

Building the 70:20:10 Team - Coca-Cola Amatil - Beverages

Governance that ensures alignment of business strategy with capability

How 'Knowledge Shots' are Making Work Easier - Tonkin and Taylor - Engineering

Intranet performance support that enables experiential and social learning on the jo.

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