70:20:10 Forum Launches the New 70:20:10 Implementation Pathway for its Licenced Practitioners

Getting started with the 70:20:10 framework for workplace learning continues to be one of the biggest challenges for organisations looking to transform their learning function and embed effective learning practices into the workflow.

In response to the needs of global L&D Practitioners, the 70:20:10 Forum has introduced a 70:20:10 Implementation Pathway offering a more directed approach to getting started with 70:20:10 sooner.

"L&D and HR are becoming more aware of the need to provide better support for workplace learning and to increase the reach, impact, flexibility and responsiveness of the solutions they provide. Knowing where and how to start, and finding practical and accessible support to make the shift a reality are big challenges for the function," said Andrew Gerkens, Solutions Director, 70:20:10 Forum.

"The Implementation Pathway is a powerful platform for enabling and supporting 70:20:10 Forum licenced Practitioners to utilise the Forum's toolkit resources and engage with the global community as they implement 70:20:10 in the context of their own work and organisation. Practitioners literally use the platform as they plan, develop and implement their strategies to embed workplace learning.”

"Most importantly, and as you might expect, the design of the Implementation Pathway is underpinned by 70:20:10 principles – a supported workplace learning approach that enables practitioners to learn about 70:20:10 as they implement the framework. The pathway connects them with people, events and resources they can draw upon to help them solve problems and create solutions. It also encourages them to work out loud; narrating, reflecting and sharing their work and actively contributing to both the Forum Community and the growing 70:20:10 Body of Knowledge " said Andrew Gerkens.

Implementation Pathways are accessible via the 'library' page, encouraging licenced practitioners to share ideas and learn out loud whilst developing a meaningful personal learning network. The pathway consists of two parts - the first section works to induct the practitioner into the 70:20:10 Forum, with the second section helping them align their approach with organisational needs and supporting their ongoing implementation.

Also, to enable the Implementation Pathway to work more effectively, the 70:20:10 Forum toolkit has been re-categorised to better align with practitioner needs.

The key features of the Implementation Pathway include:

  • A carefully designed series of tasks with references to core and optional activities, supported by customisable tools and resources, to help Practitioners plan, develop and commence their 70:20:10 implementation aligned to the specific goals of the organisation
  • The ability for Practitioners to log their activities and associated outcomes and insights in an online journal, which continues to capture responses from the community, and acts as a living case study of their work
  • A 'library' page that enables Practitioners to share their Implementation Path and tap into the rich archive of living case studies
  • The ability to save, print and convert the Implementation Pathway to PDF as a portfolio of work
  • A redesigned toolkit that has been re-categorised to align with practitioner needs.

The new Implementation Pathway is now available to Practitioners with current licenced access to 70:20:10 Forum.  To learn more about how the Implementation Pathway can support your L&D and HR function to enable more effective and efficient workplace learning, please contact us.