Are You Leading Like It’s 1980? (Susan Cramm) The Forum applies the 70:20:10 lens

This article published on the Forbes site in July 2013 hits at one of the most challenging issues organisations across the world face. Managers and team leaders need help to become ‘developers of people’ as well as orchestrators of activity.

Author Susan Cramm says “A new compact needs to be forged that’s win-win, one under which employees provide skills that build businesses and employers offer experiences that build careers.”

Experiences that build careers - in other words, focus on the ‘70’ in the framework.

In this article Cramm goes on to argue that a key element in effecting this outcome is to change the approach that most organisations take to performance reviews - evolving them from a backward-looking to a forward planning conversation.

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We have a number of tools in the Forum toolkit to help this process including:

  • ‘Developing Others’ Capability Action Plan – an activity and checklist to help review the status of ‘developing others’ as a core activity in every manager’s repertoire. It also provides you with a tool to use for scoping and building a ‘develop others’ capability.
    (available to Implement members only)

  • Activity: Highlighting Manager-Led Actions That Improve Employee Performance - a group activity to be used with leadership and management teams to highlight the importance of experiential learning.
    (available to Explore and Implement members)

  • Research: Driving Results Through Employee Development-The Manager Role – important research study providing data on the impact of ‘manager as facilitator of development’.
    (available to Free, Explore and Implement members)

  • Article: Practical Examples of the 70, 20 & 10 – list of options for managers and team leaders to use when agreeing workplace learning activities.
    (available to Explore and Implement members)

We encourage to use these tools, and to let us know what other tools or proceses you use to support your managers and team leaders as developers of their teams.