Changes to the 70:20:10 Forum Toolkit Categories

The 70:20:10 Forum is always looking for ways to improve how our licenced organisations can gain the most from our products and services.  As a result of listening to feedback and gauging the needs of the L&D community worldwide, we are releasing two new solutions in the coming months - the Implementation Pathway and 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™  - and as a result we have changed to our Toolkit categories to align more to the needs of the people who use them. 

The new Toolkit categories are now live, moving to more consumer oriented categories which better reflect the task of the user. The change will also allow us to finalise the introduction of the Implementation Pathway and 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™.

The new Toolkit categories are:

  • Learn about the 70:20:10 framework
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Case studies
  • Capability development
  • Communication and change
  • Resourcing and measurement
  • Solution design
  • Research

If you are one of our licenced practitioners who is making use of the notifications feature and had previously subscribed to any of the old categories, we ask that you go back into the Toolkit and subscribe to any of the new categories you may wish to use. The change to the Toolkit categories will not alter any other notifications. If you are not currently making use of the notifications feature we encourage you to do so, to be informed of new releases. Information on how to make the most of this feature can be found here.

We will be announcing the new 70:20:10 Forum solutions shortly, which include:

The Implementation Pathway - an online support platform which helps you scope, review and monitor your implementation by aligning your work with the Forum's resources. This is a new value-added pathway which will become automatically available to all licenced practitioners upon release.

70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™ - a three tiered capability development pathway for L&D professionals that recognises your application of 70:20:10 practices and principles within the context of your work. This is available as an additional solution for licenced organisations and is optimised for undertaking by teams.  We are taking expressions of interest for this and encourage you to register via the Certification page.  High interest in Certification has required us to introduce the program with a staggered intake.

If you have any queries about the new Toolkit categories, want to know more about undertaking an organisational licence or wish to discuss Certification, please contact us.