Expressions of Interest – 2014 70:20:10 Action Workshop Series to be held in the US, the UK and Continental Europe

Following the success of the Australian Action Workshop Series, 70:20:10 Forum is now planning its global events for the rest of 2014, which also includes the delivery of direct consulting tailored to the specific brief of your organisation.

The Action Workshop Series was designed to address the challenges of:

  • Knowing where to start and progress your 70:20:10 implementation
  • How to bring others on board
  • How to remove the obstacles to a successful implementation

The Action Workshop Series (AWS) looks at the solutions around these challenges and is delivered in parts – a full in-person workshop and virtual support webinars. Participation in the AWS also includes an annual single user membership to the 70:20:10 Forum to ensure participants have continuity of support through access to the 70:20:10 toolkit and community of practitioners.

If you would like to take part in an AWS, please register your interest by contacting us. We will respond to you once we have dates in place.

If you would like something more tailored to your organisation’s needs and want to arrange direct consulting, please contact Heather Rutherford