Get Your Team Onboard With 70:20:10 - Bulk Buy Book Offer with 70:20:10 Facilitation Kit

One of the biggest challenges for many organisations wanting to use 70:20:10 is how to get started and gain support and buy in for this revolutionary workplace learning strategy.  This offer makes it easy to build awareness, engage stakeholders and position the need for change.

"70:20:10 implementation requires significant change management. A crucial step in roll-out is addressing the 'Why' factor. Employees are bombarded with initiatives so explaining and challenging stakeholder perceptions of learning is key in the early stages.  We integrated the 'How we learn' activity (as outlined in the Facilitation Kit resource) to great effect…If we can't get Leaders across the line then the role-modelling won't be there and we know how that story ends.” 

Lance Whitworth, SBS


Bulk buy of the definitive guide to 70:20:10 learning strategy, '70:20:10 Framework Explained' by Charles Jennings, plus a customisable Facilitation Kit to support you to engage executives, the learning function and leaders.

The Facilitation Kit includes:

1.       Presenters Kit - a customisable slide deck to communicate 70:20:10 and the case for it

2.       Activity – to introduce and discuss 70:20:10 with stakeholders

3.       Abstract for sharing with Learning and Development practitioners

4.       Abstract for sharing with Senior Business Leaders

5.       Abstract for sharing with Chief Learning Officers


Using the book as the basis for discussion and commencement, the Facilitation Kit guides you through initial discussion with your key stakeholders and introduces them to the concept of 70:20:10, its benefits and their critical role in supporting its successful implementation. 

Join with many other L&D practitioners who are using this combination of the book and facilitation kit to kick start 70:20:10 in their organisations.

To order, please download and complete the Order Form and email/fax to +613 9895 0799.  Offer available until 28th February, 2014. 

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