How Learning Can Regain Relevance (Fred Lang) The Forum applies the 70:20:10 lens

This article by Fred Lang published on the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) site looks at the relative inertia in many HR and Learning departments in the face of dramatic changes going on in the world and in business around them.

He argues that the traditional functional structure of the departments – with ‘talent management’ on the one hand (the HR function’s ‘meat-and-drink), focused on tactics and transactions; and ‘talent development’ focused on learning and strategy – has failed to drive transformation at the required speed of business. Talent development is caught in the shadow of its larger talent management transactional sister.

But Lang’s article is not simply a negative critique. It offers a view for developing more effective talent development, and some examples in practice:

“Although there is no single model design that fits all organizations, each takes the traditional human resources transactional work and separates it from the strategic work.”

A 70:20:10 strategy helps address the issue of talent development/learning relevance by providing a framework that is both strategic and holistic. It positions the L&D function well to influence senior management, to enable line leaders and to exploit learning as a continuous process.

The Forum’s 10-point implementation model provides a practical approach to achieve this.


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