It's Our 1st Birthday - What We've Learned in The Past 12 Months

As part of our birthday celebrations we have delivered you with a new look 70:20:10 Forum featuring Organisational Membership, new tools and 70:20:10 guided pathways, information, events, news, products and services. 

Throughout our first 12 months we learned a lot of things about what organisations really wanted in terms of 70:20:10 help and support. 

We learned that:
  • While many L&D and HR practitioners are aware of 70:20:10 and the benefits, many struggle with 'doing it'.  We've reinvigorated the toolkit to provide better access to free and member tools that reflect what organisations may need to successfully implement 70:20:10.
  • Organisations wanted a membership structure to help them bring their team on board and engage them, as this is one of the major success factors for implementing 70:20:10.  So we introduced Organisational Membership.
  • Organisations also wanted an option to evaluate and consider Organisational Membership.  So we have Single User Membership for this purpose.
  • Organisations wanted deeper support aligned to their specific requirements, team structures, industry and policies.  So we've introduced a range of 70:20:10 Global Services.
  • L&D and HR practitioners wanted a practical development pathway enabling them to lead a 70:20:10 implementation and gain industry recognised skills.  So we're launching 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification later in 2014.
  • Members wanted more guidance to access the right tools for each of the implementation journey stages.  So we've created new Guided Pathways to get you started.
We've taken this information and shaped it to provide our visitors and members with more of what they want and need to implement 70:20:10 sooner.

If you have a suggestion or any feedback about the new look 70:20:10 Forum, please drop us a line.