New 70:20:10 Tools: Beyond Formal Learning - Creating '70' and '20' Solutions

We provide a range of free and member-only tools via the 70:20:10 Forum that will support your 70:20:10 implementation, regardless of where you're at on your journey.

We've just released two new tools to the 70:20:10 Forum toolkit.

FREE ACCESS Webinar Recording:
70:20:10 Focus Series: Beyond Formal Learning - Creating '70' and '20' Solutions
Explore how the 'Adding, Embedding, Extracting Model' can provide a simple guide to help you redesign your existing formal development solutions to incorporate experiential (the '70') and social (the '20) learning elements.

Topics explored in the session included the use of:

  • Performance analysis to identify the potential for experiential and social learning to support performance solutions
  • The 'Adding, Embedding, Extracting Model' as a reference guide for developing targeted experiential and social learning solutions.

The session explored a range of opportunities to add, embed and extract learning on the job, but two key opportunities resonated with the audience:

  • The use of agile content development and curation processes to provide more responsive solutions and support a transition from 'courses to resources'
  • Opportunities to utilise performance support solutions to help workers solve problems in the workflow.

MEMBER ONLY ACCESS Webinar Recording:
Toolkit Lab: Beyond Formal Learning - Creating '70' and '20' Solutions
Delve into the Forum's new suite of customisable toolkits to put the 'Adding, Embedding, Extracting Model' into practice.  These resources will help you identify opportunities and design improved workplace learning solutions.

This  'Toolkit Lab' builds on the initial webinar to explore specific Toolkit resources available to assist members in scoping opportunities to add, embed and extract learning on the job. Tools can be:

  • Used individually or as part of a team/group based approach
  • Integrated within performance consulting and/or solution design methodologies
  • Used to review current solutions and create new solutions.

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