New Certification Solution Enables L&D Teams to Become the 70:20:10 Experts

Answering the real challenges of developing a high performance culture while building the value back into L&D and HR departments, the 70:20:10 Forum has developed an in-house 70:20:10 enablement solution, delivered online and optimised for teams, which also recognises the differing roles and responsibilities across the learning function. 


70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™ equips your learning function with the capabilities needed for the fast paced 21st century business environment. Successfully piloted in 2014, 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™ brings to market a unique 12 month program offering three online guided pathways, which are assessed upon completion.  The pathways feature a series of work-based tasks which guide and support participants within teams to plan, develop and implement their 70:20:10 learning strategy in direct response to their organisational objectives and challenges. Certification participants also contribute to the Certification pathways library, where practitioners from around the world are actively building the 70:20:10 Body of Knowledge™, which ultimately supports their continuous learning.

"From our initial development pilot we saw the tangible outcomes of this future-focused approach that essentially transformed the capabilities of participants, positioning them to deliver more value and impact, driving the change their organisations are seeking," said Heather Rutherford, Managing Director of the 70:20:10 Forum.

"No one can keep up with the speed of knowledge, so the 70:20:10 Body of Knowledge™ that is now evolving and developing as an outcome of our Certification program serves as a real-time expression of the collective application of workplace learning practices.  It's there as a source of intelligence that others can tap into to build their expertise and realise their goals of high performance," she added.

The development and design of 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™ was anchored in feedback the 70:20:10 Forum had received from its global community about the challenges they faced in transforming workplace learning.

"L&D professionals told us they don't need another book or a lecture. They wanted an agile and practical solution, and we've responded to that with 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™," she said. "In the design process we considered the factors that shape the role and responsibilities of learning and performance practitioners, as well as their organisational context.   So Certification serves as strategy, planning and embedding platform where they actively apply 70:20:10 practices and principles. The Certification process causes a behavioural change which moves the default setting for learning from the formal (the '10') to include a range of experiential (the '70') and social (the '20') learning opportunities."

Key Features:

  • Three different levels aligned to the experience and roles within the learning function
  • Optimised for project or functional team-based collaboration 
  • Supported and assessed, each level is delivered online applying 70:20:10 in practice
  • Participants learn as they develop and implement workplace learning solutions
  • Underpinned by access to the full suite of 70:20:10 Forum's tools and resources
  • Supported to the exclusive global Certification Community
  • Professional recognition as a Certified 70:20:10 Practitioner™ upon the successful completion of the program

Benefits for Participating Organisations

  • An agile and responsive learning function
  • Learning as a strategic enabler of high performance
  • Workers developed in response to organisational objectives
  • Learning that delivers improved performance outcomes and impact
  • Sustainable change and continuous improvemement

70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™ is available to L&D and HR practitioners who are implementing 70:20:10 within their organisations, and whose organisation holds a current access licence to the 70:20:10 Forum. It is offered as an additional fee for service. Intake will be staggered due to the strong interest in the program. We encourage you to complete our Enquiry Form if you are interested in learning more.

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What others are saying

"I enjoyed participating in the 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification pilot. Unlike many other professional development programs, the approach taken is to truly integrate the learning in your work.  I set my own learning pathway, aligned to working towards an outcome in my organisation. Hence, certification provided me with a way of immediately applying the framework, resources, tools and community support within the 70:20:10 Forum to add value in my organisation." Michelle Ockers, National Technical Capability Manager, Supply Chain, Coca-Cola Amatil

"The world of work today is demanding we all do more with less, regardless of whether you're in the public or private sector. Certification has given me a greater depth of understanding of the real value of how we can expand people's capability development in the workplace and offer a greater return on investment by using the 'experience, exposure, education' of 70:20:10." Vivien Dale, Manager Organisational Development, North Coast TAFE

"70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™  is an ideal professional development solution for my team, especially for team leaders, because it helps them work more strongly as a team. Unlike traditional qualifications, Certification is far more self-directed and integrated, and we absolutely believe that this approach leads to sustainable change as the team get to experience the transformation to the new approach themselves." Martine Hartley, Manager Learning Design and Delivery, Child Youth and Family NZ Government

"The certification process allows me to leverage my current knowledge and serves to validate what I am doing and plan to do. Different than other certification programs, the 70:20:10 certification meets you where you are, your organization, and the unique needs of the workers you support. The certification is also progressive and shouldn't be viewed as a terminal program resulting in a single achievement but one that supports you in continually achieving - much more valuable in a time of constantly changing and increasing information." Mark Britz, Manager of Learning and Development, Systems Made Simple