Notifications feature launched to support licenced practitioners using the 70:20:10 Forum

Our notifications feature helps licenced practitioners get the most out of the community and toolkit discussions, as well as keep up-to-date with new tools and resources.

There are a number of ways in which you can use notifications to enable you to curate information when and how you want it.

Simply log into your practitioner profile to get started.

Subscribing to focus areas in the toolkit

Simply go to the Index view in the toolkit and click on subscribe on the top right hand side of banner. This will notify you when a new tool is added to the focus area to which you are subscribed.

Subscribing to another Practitioner

You can follow posts provided by your favourite practitioners in a number of ways

Find the practitioner you wish to follow either by:

  • clicking on view practitioner directory in the drop down menut and find them within the list
  • click on their name within their post within the community
  • click on their name where they have commented either on a community post or toolkit post

Once you click on their name it will take you to their profile page and you need to select 'Subscirbe to this practitioner's posts'.

This will notify you each time this practitioner posts a discussion in the community or make a comment to an existing community or toolkit discussion.

Subscribe to a discussion post

You can also subscribe to a discussion post in both the community or the toolkit.  Open the discussion post you want to subscribe to and click 'Subscribe to post'.

Automatic subscriptions

You will be automatically subscribed to a discussion post, either within the community or the toolkit, if you have created the post or if you have provided a comment on a discussion post.

Receiving Notifications

There are two ways in which you will be notified.  If there is a notification about a new tool or resource, or discussion from a practitioner or on a post you have followed, you will receive an email which is sent to the email address associated with your 70:20:10 Forum licence.

You will also receive a notification alert which can be seen in the top right hand corner within main banner of each page. If you click on the bell icon it will provide you with a drop-down menu which will show all your current notifications. You can delete a notification from the drop down panel by clicking on the X adjacent to the notification

You can also click into the notifications panel to read the notification. Here you can also mark a notification as read, or permanently delete the notification within this section.

If you need any further help with the notifications feature, or would like a one-on-one tour of this feature as well as the many others to be found at the 70:20:10 Forum, please contact us.