News – 70:20:10 Framework Explained – publication abstract release

The new Charles Jennings publication, ‘70:20:10 Framework Explained’  has just been released exclusively for the 70:20:10 Forum.  Regarded as one of the leading experts on 70:20:10, Charles Jennings presents a definitive work outlining  the modern application of 70:20:10 and providing insights as to why it has become such an important approach to responding to key organisational challenges.  It offers a comprehensive explanation of the context for 70:20:10, bringing together compelling research and thinking with a range of practical tips to support implementation of the framework.
This abstract provides a clear overview of the key principles and applications explored by Charles Jennings throughout the publication.
‘70:20:10 Framework Explained’ is an important reference for anyone in the fields of learning, organisational development or HR, looking to or implementing 70:20:10 and aspiring to create a high performance culture.  It is part of the overall suite of ‘ready to use’ tools and resources accessible through membership of the 70:20:10 Forum and our global community. Order your copy now through the 70:20:10 Forum. For more information about the publication, download the abstract here.