The Secret to Building Dream Teams (Ira Grossman) The Forum applies the 70:20:10 lens

This article by Ira Grossman, COO at PeopleAnswers, and Bill Holmes, SVP at Reebok International provides a good case study of how companies can improve their talent acquisition and talent retention by adopting new approaches.

In this case, it was the use of pre-hire assessments based on behavioural and cultural attributes. The authors call this the behavioural DNA.

Reebok, as many other organisations have done, took a step up from simply looking at existing skills and background as the basis for hiring.  The company evaluated more important behavioural attributes such as energy, flexibility and ambition. Behavioural and cultural fit measures are usually very good indicators of potential performance. They also have greater longevity in a world where skills become out-dated very quickly.

However, no matter how effective this strategy proves to be (and based on the results here it certainly is effective) omitting the Talent Development ‘middle man’ is tantamount to leaving significant opportunities on the table. No matter how good the recruitment approach is, without a robust employee development model in place any results will be sub-optimal.

Once you’ve hired people with the right fit for your organisation it’s important you provide them with development opportunities that match their needs. This is, for want of another term, the ’70:20:10 spin’ for improving performance and retention even further.

In this case it’s highly likely that people selected on the basis of their ‘energy, flexibility and ambition’ will look to development opportunities in their jobs that resonate with those attributes. Formal instruction (the ‘10’) is unlikely to fully suffice. They will want to be presented with challenges and stretching work (the ‘70’) that feeds their ambition to improve and progress. It’s also likely they’ll be looking for flexible development approaches and opportunities to learn from others whenever they can (the ‘20’).

No matter what type of organisation, whether a multinational such as Reebok or a small start-up, it’s important that your development strategy fits your recruitment strategy. Talent acquisition, development, and retention always go hand-in-hand.

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