What We Learn When We Learn by Doing (Roger C Schank) The Forum applies the 70:20:10 Lens

Roger Schank is a respected former academic (Stanford, Yale and others). He headed the Institute for the Learning Sciences (ILS) at Northwestern University and other leading initiatives.  He is a man who has devoted his life to improving the understanding and practices of both corporate and mainstream education.

Schank’s work has led him to believe that experiential learning and learning through storytelling – linking context to the learning process – are both critical to effective learning.

In this article Schank discusses how ‘learning by doing’ works. He argues it does so because it focuses on implicit and context-sensitive factors rather than on trying to learn by knowing – learning through content. Things that are learned implicitly need only be experienced in the right way at the right time in order to be embedded.

This 1995 paper by Roger Schank provides a wealth of ideas, examples and insights into his ‘personalised scripts’ work.  Schank argues that these ‘scripts’ (think of ‘scripts’ as ‘personal stories’) are the foundation of learning, and that they place new experiences into our personal context.

Schank’s ‘learning by doing’ work fits well with the 70:20:10 model. Both re-focus learning into the workflow and, through providing context, improve the quality of the learning process.

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