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The ‘Guide’ tab provides tools aligned with each stage of the implementation journey to help you get started on key tasks. Or you can simply explore the full toolkit using the ‘Index’ tab and filtering options to find the resources that best suit your needs.

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Developing: You’ve decided 70:20:10 is the right solution for your organisation and are building your business case, agreeing on principles, engaging stakeholders and considering your readiness to implement.

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These selected Toolkit resources will help you build your 70:20:10 business case:

Breakthrough Performance and The Case for 70:20:10

Trends Driving 70:20:10 and Smart Working Approaches

The Benefits of 70:20:10

Why Organisations Adopt 70:20:10

Problems Addressed by 70:20:10

70:20:10 Drivers - The Changing Nature of Organisations

70:20:10 Drivers - The Changing World of Work

Toolkit for Preparing a 70:20:10 Business Case

The Forum Toolkit includes member case studies (for member access only) which can be used to support your business case.  Explore these by going to the Toolkit ‘Index’ and using the ‘Media’ filter to select ‘Case Studies’.

Use these resources to help inform and engage stakeholders and to define learning principles:

'70:20:10 Framework Explained' publication

'From Strategy to Action' paper

Communication Toolkit for Positioning 70:20:10 with Stakeholders

Process for Establishing 70:20:10 Learning Principles

Consider your organisation’s readiness to implement 70:20:10 using these resources:

Evolutionary Versus Revolutionary Approaches to Implementing 70:20:10

70:20:10 Organisational Readiness Assessment & Action Plan

70:20:10 Action Planning Templates


Consider how you might use the Forum’s Certification Pathway to help develop your team’s capabilities to support implementation of your strategy and to provide recognition for their achievements. Learn more.