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The ‘Guide’ tab provides tools aligned with each stage of the implementation journey to help you get started on key tasks. Or you can simply explore the full toolkit using the ‘Index’ tab and filtering options to find the resources that best suit your needs.

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Planning: You’re developing your strategy, planning the governance structure and operation, identifying methodologies, technologies and processes and considering piloting and communications planning.

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These selected Toolkit resources will help you analyse and prepare for your implementation planning:

Learning & Performance Audit Toolkit

The 10 Point Approach to Implementing 70:20:10 Learning Strategy

70:20:10 Forum on Strategy Development

70:20:10 Action Planning Templates

Evolutionary Versus Revolutionary Approaches to Implementing 70:20:10

Scope key elements of your strategy including governance, principles and resourcing:

A Model for Developing Your 70:20:10 Strategy

Toolkit for Establishing a Learning Governance Board

Process for Establishing 70:20:10 Learning Principles

Identifying Efficiency and Productivity Targets

Workshop - Resourcing Your 70:20:10 Implementation

Resources to help scope pilots and communication plans:

Ideas Generation for 70:20:10 Pilots

Explaining the 70:20:10 Numbers

Facilitation Toolkit to Communicate the 70:20:10 Framework Across the Organisation

70:20:10 Forum on Change Management Planning

Checklist and Mitigation Guide to Overcome 70:20:10 Implementation Obstacles


Consider how you might use the Forum’s Certification Pathway to help develop your team’s capabilities to support implementation of your strategy and to provide recognition for their achievements. Learn more.